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Chapitre 3 du guide du Dr Ménard

I want to tell you my story... how I came to know the secrets of dental implant dentistry and my personal struggle to find the truth.

My Story: How A Lucky Break Changed How I Practice Dentistry

I'll never forget that day. It was 1980. I was about to graduate with high honors from dental school at the University of Montreal. We were ushered into a lecture hall and given "the talk". A number of our professors flashed slides of dental implants, for over an hour showing why, even though they had become predictable and very successful, we shouldn't do dental implants! We had had very little education in dental implants. We were told they were too confusing and too complex to be a routine treatment for our patients.

It struck me as quite strange to wait until this point in our dental careers to suddenly reveal the supposed problems of dental implants.

As with most things in life, if someone doesn't want you to look at it, the reality is that there must be more to the matter than what you are being told. I immediately recognized that this was a subject I had to know more about. I had to simply find out the truth about dental implants. I recognized that dental implants, if they worked, solved problem after problem which traditional dentistry did not. Missing teeth are a HUGE problem for people.

I began researching. The information written about them at this point was becoming quite large. In fact, the information was showing that dental implants were known to work and work quite well. Why had we been given so little education about this miracle that solved so many of the problems in ways that were better than what we been taught in dental school? I asked doctors that I knew at other schools and found that everyone was being told the same thing.

During my first 5 years of career, again I was told that implants worked very well with 95% success rates but they really weren't designed for that many people and the focus was again placed on "traditional" dental procedures. Baffling!

After many hours of post-graduate dental school, I found other groups of dentists that were forming into special groups to study and help each other with the proper use of implants. In fact, there were doctors in these groups that had been successful using implants for 30 years! Finally, my search had become fruitful.

During this time, I even came into contact with the world's foremost implant dentist (Dr. Carl Misch) and found that I needed to study under him to learn everything I could about this modern miracle as Dr. Misch had literally "written the book" on the techniques that were the most successful.

How a Chance Conversation Overheard Led Me to The

Secrets of Dental Implant Success???.

I was on a trip to a postgraduate symposium (a fancy name for a lecture where doctors meet to learn the latest in dentistry). I was sitting there eating breakfast one morning before the lecture was to begin when I heard a doctor at the table next to mine mention that anyone who wanted to really know about implants needed to hear Dr. Misch's lecture on dental implants. He apparently was the best in the world in the science and application of implants and would show how successful they had been in his practice.
I decided to seek him out immediately despite the inconvenience and objections of my friends in dentistry. What I found was amazing!
The lecture was an answer to a prayer. I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing ? case after case of successful implant treatment lasting years and years. I felt electrified... here was someone who knew! Maybe I could learn from him? That's exactly what I did and I brought it all back to Cowansville to use for the Dr. Menard Method? of Implant Dentistry.
In fact, he accepted me and a select group of other dentists into a very private program that 
took over a year of time and cost more than my entire dental school education and that's how it all happened.
Next time, you'll find out about what my colleagues thought then (and most of them still think)??..
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