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Chapter 21 of "A Guide to Dental-Comfort Breakthroughs -Especially if You Hate Going to the Dentist!"

The Horrible Hidden Costs of Doing Nothing

We've spent several chapters discussing the investment and why that investment makes sense in every respect.

The truth is that in almost every situation the hidden costs of doing nothing eventually exceed the cost of fixing the situation by leaps and bounds.

The big reason for this is: unhandled dental problems can only get worse. It is impossible for a serious dental situation to reverse itself by itself.

This is one of those unfortunate times where it would be a crime not to tell you what lays ahead in straight-forward language.

Thus, if you think you are having trouble and difficulty right now, look ahead and try to imagine what it will be like to suffer even more, to be forced to endure more pain--because you can bet on that occurring as time goes by.

Yes, there are the purely "dental" things that get worse, facial collapse, shrinking bone and gum, more tooth loss, impaired speech, inability to chew, unhealthy diet and taste loss.

Outside of those things, the other things that usually get worse are what are even more important in life:

- The Pain of romance snuffed out 

- The Pain of teeth that don't look good and are noticeable to those around you 

- The Pain of tender, sensitive, uncomfortable teeth 

- The Pain of lost ability to enjoy your foods and the foods you crave to share with loved ones 

- The Pain of worsened nutrition and health 

- The Pain of outright pain every time you bite down 

- The Pain of lessened self-confidence and hiding of your best traits 

- The Pain of depleted friendships

- The Pain of withdrawal from friends and family due to social embarrassment 

- The Pain of losing the attention of that "certain someone" whom you wished would notice you 

- The Pain of losing the promotion that should have been yours 

- The Pain of ever-increasing unsightly gaps among your teeth that worsen as you grow older 

- The Pain of threatened health: up to 2-4 times the risk of heart attack and stroke, worsened diabetes, arthritis that won't get better, increased chances of Alzheimer's and certain types of cancers, more difficulty controlling certain heart diseases 

- The Pain of increasingly depleted physical energy 

- The Pain of the loss of your zest for life 

-For some people, the Pain means depression, a black cloud hanging over your life that won't go away

I sincerely hope that none of these befall you. But the longer you wait, one (or many more) of these pains most certainly could occur.

So, the costs of not getting dental implant treatment are far, far worse and can cause the ultimate cost-Death. Your life cut short by neglecting, ignoring, hoping it will go away, putting it off and just not facing up to the very real, dark implications of not doing what you know you should.

Don't let those little voices inside your head cast doubt that stops you.

Don't let those little voices make you feel too embarrassed to get treatment?.to do something about it.

Take charge and get the treatment you deserve.

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Dr. Andre Menard

'Rescuing the Fearful and Dental Disaster Patient'

P.S. Next time, we'll discuss how doing this for yourself can actually make you money.