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Chapter 19 of "A Guide to Dental-Comfort Breakthroughs -Especially if You Hate Going to the Dentist!"

Implants Make Good Economic Sense

Admittedly, dental implants can be a significant investment. Before committing to any investment, you should always consider its amount, under what terms it could be paid, the quality of what you get in exchange and what your alternatives are.

The initial investment of a dental implant is higher than other methods. For replacement of battered and broken down natural teeth dental implants can run from $2700 for a single tooth to $22 thousand per arch or more.

Usually not every tooth requires replacement with a dental implant.

Typically for denture sufferers, a dental implant resolution to this problem can range from even as low as $9-10 thousand.

Fees for this very unique service vary significantly from individual to individual.


Because everyone is different.

Just as each person has a different fingerprint, you too have a different need than everyone else.

This makes it literally impossible to quote a fee without a full examination. Doing so over the phone would be discourteous, inaccurate, and quite honestly bordering on malpractice as no doctor or dental office team member has x-ray vision to see through the phone.

In fact, even after the one-on-one thorough examination in the office, I'm going to need to mull over your situation for up to two weeks to come up with the best options that take into account all of the things I see and the things you've told me.

Many times I'll even be thinking about your situation when I'm supposed to be relaxing away from the office!

There isn't a one-size-fits-all service. The needs, wants and desires are just too variable. If someone claims they have a one-size solution, run away as fast as you can.

Knowing that it can be a significant investment, why do so many people find it worth the extra cost?

Aside from its long lasting and hygienic effects, an implant can be undistinguishable from your natural, perfect tooth.

An implant can last the rest of your life. Given the proper care and maintenance, implants can be a "one time investment".

The materials, titanium and porcelain, are strong and durable- they can almost endure forever. Implants are set into the jawbone or over it so that your living bone and tissue grow into and around it, forming an unbreakable anchor.

Because you need to be fully informed, we'll continue with why dental implant solutions make sound economic sense in the next chapter.

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Dr. Andre Menard

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