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Chapter 18 of "A Guide to Dental-Comfort Breakthroughs -Especially if You Hate Going to the Dentist!"

Looking Good!

The cosmetic question has never been better answered than it is today by using implants. The function of stability and retention is assured by replacement of problem teeth or dentures using dental implants.

With the materials and techniques I've developed that are available today we are able to create a natural appearance.

Lost lip and cheek support from the shrinkage of gums are managed well using implant techniques.

Dental implants increase your ability to taste and savor food because of the fact that there is less plastic covering sensitive taste buds hidden for years behind bulky appliances/dentures that ruin the taste of your food.

Many times when there has been a great deal of bone loss, lip and cheek support can be built right into the tooth portion of reconstruction restoring lost support for the face and reducing the appearance of age.

When the distance between the upper and lower teeth is stable with dental implants, it's akin to having a free face lift from the nose to the chin.

Attractiveness Determines How Other People Perceive And Treat You

Scientific research has proven what many people already know; the better you look, the better others treat you. It's not even a conscious choice by those around you; it's just the way human nature works.

The point here is that the advantage of attractiveness is very greatly underestimated. Yet, the size and reach of attractiveness in life is huge.

Why? Because people who are considered attractive are believed to be smarter, more talented, kinder and more honest.

This is true throughout our entire society. In other words, your smile and teeth determine a great deal of how much other people want to be around you.

With a great smile you become more promote-able...more attractive to the sexes??more likely to be viewed as someone that others want to be friends with ?more trustworthy.

There are Social Advantages Of Looking Good

Good-looking people enjoy a tremendous social advantage:

They are viewed as more intelligent.

They are better liked.

They are seen as having more desirable personalities.

Attractive people are more persuasive and more likely to be given help by others.

An Investment In Yourself

Most people find the increased confidence provided by secure implant supported teeth, as well as improved appearance and vastly improved chewing function more than offset the relatively minor discomfort and inconvenience associated with the implant procedures--including the cost. Next time, we'll go more into the investment required??

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Dr. Andre Menard

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