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Chapter 17 of "A Guide to Dental-Comfort Breakthroughs -Especially if You Hate Going to the Dentist!"

"Dr. Menard, What If I've Had Bad Dental Experiences and Am Afraid of Dentists"

I get this question every week?..and there's good news??

If Dentistry Has Been Difficult For You, The Dread Is Gone!

It's Over! You Can Relax!

Really you can, I know. I know. It can be hard for you especially if you have had a nightmare of an experience. But no longer because???

Stone Age Dentistry Is a Thing of The Past

Dentistry of just 10-20 years ago was absolutely Stone Age compared to dentistry today in our office. I recognize what has stopped so many from having a beautiful smile that they are proud of and achieving real dental health for life are based on these previous bad experiences and fears of going to the dentist.

And, we have done something about it. My Method uses newly developed techniques and technology to make your visit easier, faster and more comfortable.

"I basically couldn't smile and was embarrassed by the way my teeth were. I was extremely scared to have any of my treatment. Dr. Menard's recommendation was to use sedation dentistry to make me relaxed. I was very comfortable during all of my treatment. Now, thanks to my implants and cosmetic teeth, I'm smiling and getting my social confidence back. My dating life has improved too!"

"Ann?Sedation and Implant Dentistry Patient

The commitment to your comfort starts with a unique office design created to produce a noise reducing, quiet environment.

The dental chairs themselves feature Swedish foam that comfortably molds to your body making it easier to relax

Even the colors were chosen scientifically to help create a relaxing environment.

We use CD players and stereo headphones so you can hear the sounds you want and drown out the sounds you don't!

We are "Armed to the Teeth" With Technology and Techniques to Create a Better Dental Experience

We have an understanding of what the typical fearful or anxious patient experiences- and just how different it can be for them. If this describes you, you'll be comforted first by a special chair side manner that puts you at ease.

Then there is the matter of getting numb. We use a unique, virtually painless numbing method that is easy to experience.

"Based on previous experiences at other dental offices over the years, I found that even minor surgery was always very painful afterwards. My surgery was pretty serious that Dr. Menard had to perform but I was AMAZED at how comfortable I was after my surgery. I was virtually pain-free, and I don't remember a thing. Unbelievable!"

Al?St-Hubert School Teacher

You'll be offered a blanket to keep you warm. Then, we'll give as brief or detailed explanation as you would like: about what we find, what we do and why. This full explanation helps you know what to expect.

For those that have had those experiences that lead to racing hearts and white knuckled visits, Dr. Menard is one of just a handful of doctors certified to provide a medical level of sedation to comfortably get your through your appointments--in most cases with no memory of your visit. It's one more ingredient in my Method designed to get anyone (we mean anyone) comfortably through even the most complex dental treatment.

"My treatment seemed simple to me even though I know it was complex. I was one of those patients that were fearful beyond belief but Dr. Menard' sedation techniques took care of all of that. I went back to work very quickly and without any pain. Things turned out the way I expected including the way Dr. Menard worked with my personal time frame and without any disruption to my family life. I would recommend Dr. Menard's implant care to anyone considering it. Going into it with a positive attitude really helps as well."

Ellen ?Sedation and Implant Dentistry Patient, Eagle Scout Mom, Laval

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Dr. Andre Menard