Posté le 28 Septembre 2017

Chapter 16 of "A Guide to Dental-Comfort Breakthroughs -Especially if You Hate Going to the Dentist!"

More Advantages of The Dr. Menard's Method? Implant Dentistry

Here are even more reasons that the Dr. Menard's Method is preferred:

1) Proven success of dental implants for our patients

2) Experienced know-how that solves your problems, using what works for you in your individual situation and that looks at the needs you will have over the course of your life ahead (call it lifetime dentistry)

3) Preservation of existing teeth that are healthy

4) Rejuvenation of the form and shape of the face

5) Wrinkle elimination in many cases. Often a dental facelift is a happy by-product of dental implant treatment with this Method.

6) Gorgeous smiles

7) An advanced "smart" system of diagnosis and treatment

8) Restored chewing ability

9) Relief from the pain of dentures and partials

10) No embarrassing accidents of teeth falling out

11) Enhanced zest for life

12) Getting noticed by that special someone you want to notice you

13) More smiles. A lot more smiles

14) A system that carefully considers how to make your teeth look their best while functioning properly and staying healthy

15) Built on a thoroughness approach that gives you predictable results

16) Stops your situation from getting worse

17) A" physician of the mouth approach" applying the science of the comfort, health, function, and longevity of the teeth, gums, jaw joints, and chewing mechanism, based on solid principles?.time tested and true?coupled with the latest dental research.

18) An investment in yourself that pays big dividends every day of your life.

19) A demanding discipline that is a daily challenge, but one that my team and I embrace. We won't compromise results. We will give options, but refuse to give a bad option.

20) A unified system that uses "the best of the best" in techniques and technology.

21) An ever-evolving system of care designed to get great treatment results, enhance comfort and reduce anxiety and leave you with a radiant smile.

22) The result of an extended study of over 11 years that costs huge untold sums and thousands of hours of additional training and research beyond what is required to be a dentist??that continues on even today.

23) The end of Dental Embarrassment!

24) A comprehensive approach combining the best practices of treatment learned and observed inside and outside the profession.

25) A system that carefully considers how to make your teeth look their best while functioning properly and staying healthy

26) The artistic pursuit of beautiful teeth and gorgeous smiles

27) Comfortable, confident chewing in social situations

28) Preservation of your youthful appearance- resistance to aging.

If you're ready to put these advantages to work for your benefit then call us right away!

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Dr. Andre Menard