In preparation for one or more implants, your dentist will do a thorough examination of your gums, teeth and jawbone. X-rays will then be taken to determine if the amount and density of bone present in the jaw is sufficient to proceed with dental implant surgery. If there is not enough bone, the surgeon may consider performing a bone graft.There are two stages in the dental implant process: the surgical stage and the prosthetic stage.


#1 Placement of the implants

This stage entails the insertion of one or more dental implant cylinders into the jawbone. The cylinder serves as the tooth root, or anchor, and is made of titanium or ceramic. These materials are biocompatible, which means they are able to fuse with the bone and gum tissue.

#2 Healing

After placement of the implant, the gum over the implant is sutured. This healing period, often referred to as ?nursing", allows the bone to heal around the implant and usually takes from three to six months. The time required for healing depends upon the bone quality and the location of the implant. This outpatient surgery, performed under local anaesthesia, takes between one and two hours after which the patient can go home.


Creation of the Prosthesis

 After the gum has healed (from three to six months), it is then reopened to expose the dental implant onto which an intermediate artificial tooth is attached. Detailed impressions of the jaw (implants and gum line) are then made which are used to make the crown - your realistic-looking artificial tooth (prosthesis). The laboratory will create a crown (when one tooth is missing), a bridge or a full denture (in the loss of many teeth) in the shape and colour of the adjacent teeth.


 Once the implant prosthesis and healing period are finished, the final crown is placed on the dental implant. After a few minor adjustments, you will feel the same sensation as you had with your natural teeth.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root, cylindrical in shape, made of titanium and embedded in the jawbone. It resembles a screw. The dental implant serves as a root replacement for a missing tooth and acts as a support for a crown, a bridge or a removable implant prosthesis. Unlike a bridge, implants allow for the replacement of one or more missing teeth without putting pressure on adjacent teeth.

Is this intervention painful?

The interventions are performed under local anaesthesia, just as in the treatment of dental cavities. As with interventions of this nature, the treated area may be swollen for few days, but any pain or discomfort diminishes quickly, especially with the aid of a mild analgesic. 

For Immediate Release!

Immediate Load Dental implants: 550 to 2500 US Dollars; (Dental implant quote covers all the dentistry and logistics costs at the destination)

For over 20 years, dental implants have been a source of light for many who have suffered lost or bad teeth. Traditional dental implants involve placing the implants and providing the tooth restorations after 3 to 6 months. This is because the gums and bones must heal for that period of time before permanent false teeth can be attached.However, this leaves the patients with no teeth or temporary crowns which are not only uncomfortable but also make the patient lose some of their beauty. Many patients find this tedious and intimidating and many patients decide to forego the idea of dental implants and cope with the hassles of bad teeth.

Immediate Load Dental Implants Abroad

Immediate load dental implants bring a ray of hope to these patients. This procedure, which is gaining in popularity as much as dental implants, involves placing implants in patients and performing tooth restorations either on the same day or within a day or two. This way, the treatment is accelerated and the patient does not have to sport a goofy look without some of the teeth.

Same Day Load Dental Implants -- Procedure

Same day implants (also known as mini dental implants) are not complex procedures but they do involve fulfilling certain criteria. There is a minimum amount of bone that is required and the placed implant has to be in a position to resist a minimum of 40 ncm of force. The dentist has to adjust the temporary crown in a manner to avoid any kinds of forces on it during function. Fulfilling these criteria helps the bone to develop around the implant.

A crucial success factor in immediate load implants is removing the tooth effectively but without removing any bone in the process. A thin instrument called a periotome, is employed to separate the root from the bone. The socket for the implants will be prepared with sequentially sized bone drills designed for perfect placement of the implant. The implant is placed and tested for fragility by applying suitable force with the help of a torque wrench.

This is followed by an immediate abutment and temporary crown. This process is called Osseo Integration. In the previous stage, the dentists make sure that the implant size and the bone surrounding the area provide enough anchorage for these items. An X-ray is usually taken to confirm the successful implant. The entire process takes about 15 to 20 minutes (for 1 tooth) and in 30 days patients can have their permanent crown fixed.

Same Day Dental Implants Vs. Delayed Implants

Immediate loading implants are being increasingly considered to be a better option than delayed implants. For instance, the tissues and gums surrounding the tooth can shrink in delayed placement. This is a complication as too much shrinking can cause the gums to recede to such an extent that it creates an unnatural looking gum line when the dentist tries to place a tooth. Same day dental implants don not possess these kinds of complications.

It should also be noted that although dental implants present much better results than dental bridges, they may not suit everyone. Patients with periodontal disease, bone loss in the site of implant and compromised immune system: such as HIV, diabetics, and lupus cannot be candidates of immediate loading dental implants.

Immediate Load Dental Implants -- Costs

The costs for this procedure can alter depending on the number of implants required by the patient. Same day implants, at least for the time being, are very expensive in the United States.

If patients find this cost expensive and beyond reach then Atelier du Sourire Inc offer a ray of hope. The costs here for immediate load dental implants are reduced by 50-60%.